Thursday, 6 May 2010

Papers presented at the Ethics in the Johannine Literature conference in Nijmegen

We had a fascinating conference! Have a look at the program below.

Monday 3 May

10.15-11.00 The place and use of the Bible in Christian ethics

Jean-Pierre Wils (Radboud University Nijmegen)

Facilitator: Jan van der Watt
11.30-12.15 Johannine ethics: an overview of the current state of research

Michael Labahn (University of Halle)

Facilitator: Ruben Zimmermann

12.15-13.00 What is “Ethics in John”? Ethical Devices in the Gospel of John

Ruben Zimmermann (University of Mainz)

Facilitator: Jan van der Watt

14.30-15.15 The Qumran background of Johannine Ethics

Erik Eynikel (Radboud University Nijmegen)

Facilitator: Reka Valentin

15.15-16.00 Wisdom literature as possible framework for Johannine ethics?

Andrew Glicksman (University of Dallas)

Facilitator: Erik Eynikel

Short papers:

16.15-16.35 Ethics by Using the Scripture with regard to John 2

Karl Weyer-Menkhoff (University of Mainz)

Facilitator: Susanne Luther

16.35-16.55 Ethics of Life in the Gospel of John

Mira Stare (University of Innsbruck)

Facilitator: Jörg Röder

Tuesday 4 May

9.00-9.45 Law and ethics in John’s Gospel

William Loader (Murdoch University)

Facilitator: Gilbert van Belle

9.45-10.30 Ergon, eleutheria and agathon – some underestimated norms for John’s Ethics

Hermut Löhr (University of Münster)

Facilitator: Gilbert van Belle

11.00-11.45 The flipside of ethics: The devil and ethics in John

Jan van der Watt (Radboud University Nijmegen)

Facilitator: Ulrich Busse

11.45-12.30 Semeia conveying ethics in John

Christos Karakolis (University of Athens)

Facilitator: Ulrich Busse

14.00-14.45 ‘Abide in Me’. The New Mode of Relationship between Jesus and His Followers as a Basis of Christian Ethics (John 15)

Chrys Caragounis (University of Lund)

Facilitator: Glen Lund

Wednesday 5 May

9.00-9.45 Die ethische Theologie des 1 Johannesbriefes

Udo Schnelle (University of Halle)

Facilitator: Ruben Zimmermann

9.45-10.30 Cain the Jew the AntiChrist: Collective Memory and the Johannine Ethics of Loving and Hating

Tom Thatcher (Christian University Cincinnati)

Facilitator: Ruben Zimmermann

11.00-11.45 Discernment-Oriented Leadership in the Johannine Situation— Abiding in the Truth versus Lesser Alternatives

Paul Anderson (George Fox University)

Facilitator: Maarten Menken


Anonymous said...

Vielen Dank für Ihr E-Mail und Rückmeldung. Auch ich freue mich, dass ich bei dieser Konferenz dabei sein dürfe.
Dr Mira Stare (University of Innsbruck)

Anonymous said...

Ferdie, an excellent conference; thanks so much for all your help in making it happen!
Take care,
Professor Paul Anderson (George Fox University).

Anonymous said...

Dear Ferdie,
First of all thank you so much for your excellent organisation of the conference. As I told you, I always had the impression that the whole process was very well organized and functioned without problems. Best regards
Professor Ruben Zimmermann (University of Mains)

Anonymous said...


Thanks to you, Jan, and Erik for hosting and organizing such a great conference! Conversing with international scholars outside my Old Testament field of expertise gave me important new persectives on the Gospel of John and New Testament ethics. Thanks again and take care.

Professor Andrew Glicksman (University of Dallas)

francois mulder said...

Baie geluk - jou toewyding, harde werk en passie is inspirerend! So nou vir 'n opsomming van elke referaat ;-)!

David Instone-Brewer said...

Thanks for making this information available so quickly. Look forward to seeing them in print.

Anonymous said...

Dear Johannine Scholars,

Your untiring efforts to expand Johannine scholarship is greatly appreciated. Hope we will soon be able to read them through your papers and be blessed. Looking forward to reading them soon