Tuesday, 18 May 2010

CS Lewis: "Young ladies, put down your pens!"

Today, I had the privilege of listening to the amazing stories of Dr Martin Lloyd Jones' daughter here at Tyndale House, Cambridge. Lady Elizabeth Catherwood (as she is known) shared fond memories of her childhood and adult life, and the impact her father and others like CS Lewis had on her. I share some quotes I took down during the talk:

As mentor: "I'm glad he was my father in Christ and also my father in flesh".
What he would say about the Bible in academic study: "It's the Word of God, not just a textbook".
Why the 1904 Welsh Revival eventually failed: "People lived off the experience and stopped preaching".
How Mrs Lloyd Jones saw herself: "To keep him (ML Jones) in the pulpit".
One interesting fact about her studies under CS Lewis at Oxford:  Professor Lewis always said: "Young ladies, put down your pens!" when they wanted to make notes during lectures. Nobody was allowed to take any notes during his classes. He encouraged them to write down their memories after class at home. Lewis' Christian books had a profound impact on her life. Interestingly, she also told the story of how, after the publication of his first Christian book, Lewis became somewhat depressed, for the book did not do that well. Dr Lloyd Jones encouraged him to go on... as we today know that he did...

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francois mulder said...

Thanx dat jy jou interessante lewe met ons in blog-formaat deel! Great quotes - baie dankie Ferdie!