Wednesday, 2 November 2016

The new SBL "discrimination" policy, and being tossed out of class ...

As a young undergraduate theology student at Presbyterian College, Montreal, renowned theologian W. Stanford Reid was tossed out of a Church History lecture because he quoted the Westminster Confession's statement on Christ's resurrection. Moments earlier, professor Frank Beare denied Christ's bodily resurrection.

Stanford Reid had no choice, he had to find a more balanced seminary where one won't be tossed out of lectures like that. He chose Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, and was accused of disloyalty by his denomination for doing so.

One wonders whether the SBL committee overseeing a new policy that will take "discrimination" into account for the future, will take Stanford Reid stories into account. But will they? Nijay Gupta has said on Facebook that there are no evangelicals on the SBL's executive council ... 
* Nijay qualified the latter as follows: "I don't know all the names on the council, so none appear to me to be traditional evangelicals, but there are a few where I am not sure."