Monday, 7 May 2012

Markus Vinzent, Christ's Resurrection in Early Christianity ...: what does he argue and [why] does it matter?' Judith Lieu and James Carleton Paget from Cambridge

We had an engaging New Testament and Patristics joint seminar here in Cambridge on Tuesday (01/05/2012). Prof Judith Lieu and Dr James Carleton Paget lead the seminar with the title: 'Markus Vinzent, Christ’s Resurrection in Early Christianity and the Making of the New Testament (Ashgate, 2011): what does he argue and [why] does it matter?'

Both Prof Lieu and Dr Paget are commissioned to write review articles of the book for important journals. In the handout they made reference to three reviews already published. They are:

M. Edwars, Church Times 2.12.2011;
F. Mulder, Theology 115 (2012) 123-124;
L. Wickham, TLS 6.1.2012

Scholars who attended the seminar and took part in the Q & A afterwards included the likes of Prof Richard Bauckham, Prof Morna Hooker, Dr Peter Head, Dr Simon Gathercole and Dr Thomas Graumann to name a few.

I think it will be unfair to report on the contributions by Prof Lieu and Dr Paget given the commissioned review articles they are about to complete. What I will say though is that I was delighted that some of the concerns I raised in my Theology review was also raised by others during the Q & A afterwards....

For anyone interested in this particular work, I recommend reading it in conjunction with at least:

NT Wright, The Resurrection of the Son of God pp. 451-528.
Richard Bauckham, Jesus and the Eyewitness (the whole work).

Keep your eyes open for Prof Lieu and Dr Paget's review articles!