Sunday, 16 May 2010

The Authentic Gospels: New (exciting!) Evidence

I'm living in a country where the status quo (at least in some quarters) would have it that the New Testament Gospels are stacked with legends and later church embellishments. That's why I'm so excited about The Authentic Gospels: New Evidence conference to be held on 12 June 2010, at St Helen's Bishopsgate, London.
The speakers are three incredibly talented young scholars from Cambridge. Any person wanting to get to grips with the very latest archaelogical finds and cutting edge evidence with regards to the New Testament Gospels SHOULD be there! Register at:
The speakers:

Dr Simon Gathercole is Editor of the influential Journal for the Study of the New Testament and holds degrees from Cambridge and Durham, UK. He is Senior Lecturer in New Testament at the University of Cambridge.

Dr Dirk Jongkind is a Dutch biblical scholar who finished his PhD at Cambridge on the oldest complete copy of the New Testament. He has done work for the British Library on the latter and is also Research Fellow in New Testament Text and Language at Tyndale House, Cambridge.

Dr Peter Williams is the youngest ever Warden of Tyndale House, Cambridge. He received his PhD at Cambridge studying ancient languages in the context of Old Testament texts. Before joining Tyndale House he taught at Cambridge University and the University of Aberdeen.


francois mulder said...

Fantasties! Intussen hou ek Pinkster dat dit klap:

Jan van Wijgerden said...

Although I haven't read the book, I still wonder how these scholars found a methodology to connect archeological material to the gospels as (no less than) evidence.
As far as I know, we always have to make a large step between (non-narrative) material to a complete narrative.

Frederik Mulder said...

Hi Jan,
It's a conference - not a book. I should've added that two of them are Textual Criticism specialists, working with the manuscript evidence for the Gospels. We'll have to see what they come up with at the seminar - I will probably do a blog about it then.

Something else: I heard Kampen is closing down and merging with another faculty. Do you know anything about it?
Good to hear from you again.
Best regards

Jan van Wijgerden said...

Yes, I know enough about it. The PThU actually isn't merging, but moving.
The PThU is closing all its current departments (Leiden, Utrecht and Kampen) and moves to Amsterdam and Groningen. The only thing we're waiting for is the approval of the PKN-synod.

This whole event will happen in 2012, so until then, I'm still in Utrecht!