Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Ethics in the Johannine Literature - NijmegenConference

We are hosting a conference here in Nijmegen with the title: Ethics in the Johannine Literature - traditions, function and relevance. I hope to report on some of the interesting papers in due course. For now I only name a few scholars who will participate: Ruben Zimmermann, Jan van der Watt, Chrys Caragounis, Udo Schnelle, Tom Thatcher, William Loader and Paul Anderson to name a few.


Anonymous said...

hi Ferdie, as a participant of the conference, I can tell that I really enjoy it, it gives me a good start for my study of John. I find Jan van der Watt's paper (What can we learn about ethics from the shadow side of the Gospel, William Loader's paper(The Law and Ethic in John's Gospel, Andrew Glicksman's paper (Light, Truth, and Time: ethical Connections between Old Testament Wisdom Literature and John's Gospel)and Erik Eynikel's (The Qumran backgorund of Johannine ethics) especially inspiring.

jack said...

I whole heartly agree, Ferdie could you contact me Christo Crail

Anonymous said...

Dear Ferdie,

It has been a very stimulating and well organized conference. The program went along smoothly and without any problems. The social moments in between were very pleasant and well facilitated. Thanks again for the hospitality.

As for the content of the conference, I think a number of siginificant and new perspectives were brought to the fore. I have to say that at the beginning of the conference I was a bit sceptical as to the fruitfulness of the theme of Ethics in the Gospel of John. As the conference developed however, I started to see that the theme touches some essential elements of the gospel. Specifically the theme of dualism is very relevant and to study it from an ethical perspective raises challeniging questions, as Jan van der Watt, Erik Eynikel, Andrew Glicksman and Tom Thatcher have shown. Secondly I was intrigued by the notion of life as an ethical category in the gospel of John, as it was discussed by Mira Stare and Jan van der Watt. It seems that an ethics of life is especially relevant in our present day context of environmental and climate problems.
I have greatly enjoyed all the papers and discussions. It have been three inspiring days.

Thanks again for your hard work and hospitality.

Kind greetings,