Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Worship that makes sense to Paul - Nijay K. Gupta

I thought it appropriate to make mention of an academic book by De Gruyter our library just received here in Nijmegen. It is by Nijay K. Gupta with the title: Worship that makes sense to Paul. A new approach to the Theology and Ethics of Paul's cultic metaphors.

I got to know Nijay during my MA studies in Durham. I will never forget November 6th, 2008, when we helped clear professor James Dunn's loft in Durham. I also had a fascinating talk with Nijay about his spiritual journey in high school. Nijay is a true scholar - if I recall correctly, during his three year study at Durham, he did more than 100 book reviews! I wish Nijay all the best in Seattle where he will start teaching in September.

The back cover of the book states:
"This book explores the apostle Paul's temple, priesthood, sacrificial, and worship language with special interest in how metaphors are powerful vehicles for theological transformation. The methodology of this study combines perspectives from cognitive linguistics, the social-sciences, and rhetorical criticism. In the final synthesis, it is discovered that common factors among Paul's cultic metaphors include an interest in devotion to God, the significance of the body, and the potential for the reshaping of the mind and perception."

I will definitely have to read this book!

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Frederik Mulder said...

I've started reading Nijay's book. I can't put it down as several of the texts he discusses are important for my own research. I am particularely pleased to find that he leans toward Gundry and Matera's understanding of "body" in Paul, over against Bultmann's existential interpretation (see pp177-179).