Monday, 9 August 2010

Moving Hardwick, Cambridge

Moving house with two young children is not as easy as I thought. So many boxes.. Some dear friends helped us move. We now live in Hardwick, a little village just outside Cambridge, UK (the sunset is over Hardwick). We had our first "punting" experience the other day at the River Cam.... (picture below).

Having been doing research in Cambridge (at Tyndale House) for several months now, one thought has been with me for some time: Why am I doing academic research? For what purpose? Am I doing it to be recognized by the guild (of which there is no shortage here..) first and foremost? Of course serious study is integral to what I'm busy with! But what difference does it make in this world? Does it give glory to Jesus Christ?  May God help me to always strive to do the latter through His grace and power.


francois mulder said...

Wonderful pictures Frederik ... as a pastor, my studies are on a weekly basis - for the Sunday services. Reading your blog the last few months, I believe your studies and reporting here definitely gives glory to Jesus Christ! Blessings!

Frederik Mulder said...

Thank you Francois. We had a great time together here... I miss you brother.