Wednesday, 9 June 2010

South African PhD students watching World Cup from Nijmegen!

We are three PhD students from South Africa currently here in Nijmegen for research. We will therefore miss the soccer in South Africa and follow events on TV.

Our hope for our own team is not that high, though we obviously hope they will at least progress through the first round..

We are extremely proud of our country and its people who managed to finish all the stadiums in time. Let's hope and pray everything will go smoothly.

Left is Rev Dirk Venter, working on the Spirit and Identity in Romans 8; middle is Dr Jaco Putter working on Pastoral concerns in 1 Thessalonians; right is Rev Johnson Thomaskutty from India working on Dialogues in the Gospel of John.

Dirk, Johnson and myself attended a PhD research day at Utrecht University yesterday. In the picture below, from left to right is: proff Erik Eynikel, Bart Koet, Jan van der Watt and Adelbert Denaux.

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Jaco said...

I enjoy your blog! Thank you for your hospitality in Nijmegen. What a privilege to join you here for one month. All the discussions we had been worthwhile. Good luck with your research. Regards: Jaco.