Wednesday, 30 June 2010

A Liberal and Evangelical battle - the Story of Lexington and Asbury

Ryan Chivington from Ohio, USA, is doing a PhD on suffering in the Epistle to the Hebrews here at Nijmegen. He told me this morning that he did a masters degree at Asbury Theological Seminary some years ago. As we talked I remebered an interesting article I read some years ago relating to some rivalry between Lexington and Asbury seminaries since the 1960's. Asbury is well-known for its biblical studies department where Ben Witherington III teaches New Testament.
Check out the link below for the Lexington/ Asbury issue:
Ryan, hope you'll have a great time here in the Netherlands with us!
Check out the link below for more details about Ben Witherington:

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Frederik Mulder said...

Brian and Matt,
Thanks for Asbury and NOT Ashbury!
Hope things are OK at Asbury now - I read there were some trouble recently with the dean there..
Best regards