Sunday, 20 June 2010

Bible and Church Conference in London a great success?

I was fortunate enough to attend part of the 2010 Bible and Church Conference held at the magnificent St Helen's Church in the heart of London recently. Check out the short YouTube of last year:

One GCSE teacher e-mailed me the following response after attending the conference:

"I'm so grateful I could attend the 2010 "Bible and Church Conference." It is refreshing to encounter empirical data backing up the authenticity of the canonical gospels. Already, last year's DVD of the "Bible and Church Conference" is a tremendous supplement to my teaching. The package is engaging, professional, enthusiastic and easily absorbed, yet retains academic profundity."

Any feedback from others who attended is welcome!


Anonymous said...

Hello from BBTC. We have a new blog now:

We will link to your blog and hope you will link to ours.

My name is Ben Seal and Pastor Brian Hedges and I have come to BBTC from an area near South Bend Indiana in the USA. I have set up the BBTC blog and we hope to help promote BBTC in this way!

Ben's blog:
Brian's blog:

Frederik Mulder said...

Ben, Brian, thanx for this! Will be good to keep contact!