Sunday, 18 April 2010

Jesus' resurrection and the Gnostic Nag Hammadi library

"The Anastasis in The Treatise on the Resurrection: What Jesus' Resurrection Teaches about Valentinian Christology" - Ryann Elizabeth Craig (Reformed Theological Seminary, McLean, VA 22101)
This fascinating paper focuses primarily on the Treat Res, a second century Gnostic text, and how Jesus' resurrection is interpreted in it. (Delivered at the Resurrection of the Dead Conference in Belgium I've been reporting on for some time).

What conclusions did Ryann come up with?
"In summary, the Christology of the Treat Res affirms a fleshly and spiritual body but not a docetic or fragmented Jesus. The author's intense reflection on 1 Cor 15 informs the type, timing and purpose of anastasis, but the Treat Res deviates from Paul on a few key issues. The Valentinian believer experiences a flesh-type resurrection, but there is no clear link between the spiritual resurrection body and the natural body. Timing emphasizes both the future resurrection and the present experience of resurrection. And, the application of Jesus' anastasis to the Valentinian adherent is not an appliction of atoning work but a mystical union."

It was great to have meet Ryann at the conference, partly because I've delivered a similar paper in Durham, UK last year! And what is more, we did our research independently and came up with roughly the same conclusions! Amazing!

Ryann, will be nice to hear from you here on the blog!

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Ryann said...

Thanks Frederick!This is a great recap of all the papers delivered at the conference.(I'm especially enjoying that I can catch up on the ones I missed.)

Would love to read the paper you did on Treat Res. If you have a chance, please send it to me.