Sunday, 15 May 2011

Oliver O'Donovan in Cambridge - Good without God?

Part of the motivation for my PhD project came from reading Oliver O'Donovan's fantastic book: Resurrection and Moral Order ( He is one of my favourite theologians. On Wednesday he will deliver a paper in Cambridge entitled: Good without God? Thank you to dr Jonathan Chaplin of the Kirby Laing Institute for Christian Ethics who brought this to my attention. The whole program looks like this:

Good without God? A Christian philosopher probes the foundation for ethics
18 May 2011
Palmerston Room, Fisher Building
St. John’s College, Cambridge

What difference does Christian theology make to ethics?

Is a theological foundation necessary for ethics?
To what extent can there be a fruitful dialogue between Christian and secular ethics?

The Veritas Forum invites you hear Oliver O’Donovan probe the Christian foundation for ethics. Oliver O’Donovan is Professor of Christian Ethics and Practical Theology at the University of Edinburgh. He was previously President of the Society for the Study of Christian Ethics and Regius Professor of Moral & Pastoral Theology and Canon of Christ Church at the University of Oxford. Following Prof O'Donovan's opening lecture, discussion and Q&A will be moderated by Jonathan Chaplin of the Kirby Laing Institute for Christian Ethics.
The Veritas Forum is organized by Christian students and faculty in the University of Cambridge in association with Christian in Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences; Christian Graduate Society; Kirby Laing Institute of Christian Ethics; Jubilee Centre; and Christian Heritage.

More information is available here:

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