Tuesday, 16 November 2010

McAfee Symposium on the Johannine Epistles
The 2010 Peter Rhea and Ellen Jones Lectures in New Testament
James and Carolyn McAfee School of Theology - Mercer University

Wednesday Evening, November 17

6:30 Dinner
7:30 Lecture by D. Moody Smith - “Who is Jesus? Jesus is God”

Thursday, November 18

Morning Program- The Relationship between the Gospel and the Epistles
9:00 Lecture by Urban C. von Wahlde - “The Brown Hypothesis Twenty-Eight Years On: Some Agreements and Disagreements”
10:00 Coffee
10:30 Short papers: The Brown Hypothesis in 2010
Paul N. Anderson - “The Community that Raymond Brown Left Behind - Reflections on the Johannine Dialectical Situation”
Gary M. Burge - “Spirit-Inspired Theology and Ecclesial Correction: Charting One Shift in the Development of Johannine Ecclesiology and Pneumatology”
R. Alan Culpepper - “The Relationship between the Gospel and the Epistles of John”
11:45 Discussion: The Brown Hypothesis in 2010
Peter Rhea Jones, moderator
12:30 Lunch

Afternoon Program - The Church in the Johannine Epistles
1:30 Lecture by Judith Lieu - “The Audience of the Johannine Epistles”
2:30 Short papers:
Peter Rhea Jones - “The Ecclesial Role of presbuteros
Craig R. Koester - “The Antichrist Theme in the Johannine Epistles and Its Role in Christian Tradition”
Gail R. O’Day - “The Failure of Friendship? The Practice of Love in the Johannine Epistles”
3:45 Discussion
Paul Anderson, moderator
4:30 Break

Evening Program
6:30 Dinner
7:30 Lecture by Jan van der Watt - “A New Command, a New Ethic”

Friday, November 19

Morning Program - The Theology and Ethics of the Epistles
9:00 Lecture by D. Moody Smith - “Who is Jesus? Jesus was Man”
10:00 Coffee
10:30 Short papers:
Andreas J. Köstenberger, “The Cosmic Conflict Motif in the Johannine Epistles”
David Rensberger, “Completed Love: A Test Probe of I John 4:11-18 as an Index to Vision and Mission of the New Testament Church”
William R. G. Loader, “The Significance of 2:15-17 for Understanding the Ethics of I John”
11:45 Discussion
Alan Culpepper, moderator
12:30 Adjourn

For registration and information, please call: 888.471.9922 or 678-547-6470 or email Diane Frazier at

NS - the pictures to the right are from top to bottom: Judith Lieu, R. Alan Culpepper, Craig R. Koester, Jan van der Watt, Andreas J. Köstenberger.


Anonymous said...

this symposium seems to be exciting. I am glad to read the name of prof. van der Watt among the participants.
I heard his talk on ethics in the Gospel of John; he has an interesting way of presenting things, so I am sure that this lecture will also be quite interesting as the title suggests.

Jonathan said...

I hope these papers are published. What a line up!