Sunday, 31 January 2010

Trust the Gospels with confidence?

Ever since the Enlightenment a stream of critical scholarship has declared it impossible. It was often argued that the gospels reflected the needs of the early church, rather than the actual events which happened during Jesus' lifetime. Prof Richard Bauckam (whom I had the privilege of meeting last week!) offers a fresh and significant alternative to that status quo. In his groundbreaking book Jesus and the Eyewitnesses, which earned him the Michael Ramsey Prize in 2009, Bauckham makes a significant case for the reliability of the Gospel accounts of Jesus based on new research relating to among others the modern study of memory, especially in cognitive psychology. Check out the YouTube link:


Frederik Mulder said...

Thank you Nigel for the personal e-mail. I added a link to google books for you.

Frederik Mulder said...

Steve, thank you for the personal email. The person taking the picture in the back is my new friend Murray Harris from MacQuarie University, Sydney, Australia. A really nice guy doing the last bit of research for his PhD here in Cambridge. If I remember correctly, he got the motivation for his PhD from NT Wright who visited Australia some years ago. He works on eschatology in Paul if I remember correctly.