Wednesday, 28 December 2011

The world-class biblical scholar who got "converted off the street" - Prof. Craig S. Keener

Whenever a Cambridge scholar refers me to an American biblical scholar to understand some part of the Gospels or Paul, I listen attentively. Whenever a Cambridge scholar tells me that his favourite biblical scholar is (NOT British, BUT) American, then, I usually buy his/her books!
So who is this American biblical scholar? Professor Craig S. Keener! What struck my Cambridge friend further was that Keener's commentaries and books usually offer significant and previously unknown references to a wealth of Greco-Roman sources. Also significant for my friend was the fact that Keener grew up as a sceptic and got "converted off the street" as Keener himself puts it. Amazing indeed.

Three interesting and NEW bits about Craig that might benefit PhD students:

1) A new article on the Historical Jesus:

2) A short Youtube in which Craig describes how he finds "life" in the Bible:

3) A Youtube radio interview in which he discusses his new book Miracles. The Credibility of the New Testament Accounts:

For much more, visit Craig's website


Thomas Louw said...

Hi Ferdie.

Just finished you book “Opgestaan”
Hair raising stuff. I also fell victim to the whole New Reformation/Sceptic guys.
I attended a Seminary where Dr James Kirkpatrick gave me Old Testament for three years, totally messed with my head.
I didn’t really realize what the full impact of his and others teachings was till long afterwards.
God has been gracious and my faith has been built up by many guys especially Dr Craig Keener.
I’m unable to buy his 7 volume Luke Commentary or his 2000 page Matthew commentary (maybe I’m out with the page number but, it very close) but, have listened too many of his lectures and found them very helpful.
Hope you enjoy the year.
God bless.

Frederik Mulder said...

Thanx for this Thomas!
You make very interesting points. Dr Kirkpatrick is now probably the most important theologian in the NG Kerk because he is the chairman of the committee that recommends new interpretations of Scripture to the General Synod.
I have only started to read Keener and already I am overwhelmed by the depth and breadth of his insights.
My impression here in the UK and Holland is that the big mainline churches are giving in to liberalism leaving many evangelical Christians no choice but to leave. (I resigned from the NGK in 2007).
If I have it right, Keener is in an Evangelical church...

Thomas Louw said...

The thing that gets me is that many NGK pastors who agree with you kept quiet or are kept quiet. The lack of boldness is astonishing.

I’m trying to get into a Masters program. I’m interested to do something on the reliability of scripture, inspiration or authority.
Do you have any suggestions for a good title?

(I was off on the Keener stuff, his long commentary is on Acts)

Frederik Mulder said...

Hi Thomas,
Thanx again! Yes, I agree that most NG ministers are not willing to respond to the issues in Opgestaan. Ds Chris Visser from the NG Kerk did however write an extensive review you might want to look at here:

About the topic for your Masters: I recommend you read THIS book by FF Bruce that might lead you in the right direction:
Several Evangelical scholars in Cambridge still regard this work of FF Bruce as a classic that needs to be read today....

Best regards

Frederik Mulder said...

Ds Chris Visser on Opgestaan:

Thomas Louw said...

Thanks for the suggestion I have heard about FF Bruce book before. I think I have even downloaded a pdf version of it. Now I think I’ll read it.

Thanks for the link to Ds Visser I’ll look at it.