Monday, 27 June 2011

Explorations in Aspects of Gospel and LXX Research - 13 July 2011 in Nijmegen, the Netherlands

Department of Theology, Radboud University, 13 July 2011

 Invited speakers include:
The Prophetic Power of the Word of Jesus: A Study of John 4:43-54
- Professor Gilbert van Belle (Leuven)

The Text Form of Matthew's Isaiah Quotations compared to the Dead Sea Scrolls and Septuagint - Professor Gert Steyn (Pretoria)


"Elijah as Reconciler of Father and Son: From 1 Kings 16:34 and Malachi 3:22-24 to Ben Sira 48:1-11 and Luke 1:13-17" - Professor Bart J. Koet (Tilburg)

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Frederik Mulder said...

We had an interesting paper from prof Bart Koet which included Luke 1:13-17. During Q & A I asked him what his opinion is about prof Judith Liue et al's proposal that Luke 1-2 is a later redaction, whereas Marcion had a pre-Lukan version without it? He said that Conzelman has argued along these lines but that it is not a new argument ... interesting...