Sunday, 13 February 2011

Durham's New Testament Research Seminar

       Jealousy will bring us nowhere. Fact is, the Department of Theology and Religion, Durham University is currently the number one place in the UK for postgraduate study in New Testament. In the Research Assessment Exercise for 2008, it has been ranked at no. 1 among all departments of theology and religion in the UK in two categories: (a) the highest percentage of publications at 4 (world-leading research) and (b) the highest Grade Point Average for these publications.

       One of the most significant experiences I had while studying in Durham (2008-9) was the weekly New Testament Research Seminar. Currently, the Seminar is run by Professor John Barclay, Professor Francis Watson, Dr Lutz Doering and Dr William Telford.

Here is the line-up for February and March:

14 February 2011 16:15: - Prof David Parker, University of Birmingham

28 February 2011 16:15: Contested Paternity and Contested Readings: Jesus’ Conception in Matthew 1:18-25 - Prof Andrew Lincoln, University of Gloucestershire

7 March 2011 16:15: Genesis in Hebrews - Dr Susan Docherty, Newman College, Birmingham

14 March 2011 16:15: Pseudepigraphy in 2 Thessalonians - Dr Christina Kreinecker, University of Salzburg

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